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ALL IN: The Mindset of Fitness Book

What if we told you that working out doesn’t have to be work? The ways we have been taught to approach fitness are backwards and counterproductive. This book challenges conventional wisdom and coaches the reader through rethinking fitness. Learn how to foster lasting motivation and train your mindset for continual success.



We have a vision for a new way of teaching students to approach health, fitness, and their bodies. A curriculum that focuses on integrated wellness, fostering social-emotional learning, and encouraging a health and fitness mindset. Combining self-awareness techniques, mindfulness, and a hands-on approach to applying health lessons into PE, the body becomes the training ground for teaching higher level and lifelong decision making skills. Simply adding one component, such as yoga, isn’t enough. The way we teach and structure the entire subject needs to evolve!



Bo and Daniella are well versed public speakers and educators who enjoy sharing their innovative strategies, insightful ideas and meaningful messages. Their personal dynamic infuses presentations with a fun and positive energy. Presentations topics range from wellness, mindset training, education, to meaningful living. 

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