3 Reasons To Forget About Your Weight


People are numbers obsessed, specifically with weight.  The way to a healthy and balanced life isn’t through numbers on a scale. Here are three reasons to forget about weight when exercising:

1)     Focusing primarily on the weight deters you from getting in touch with your body and listening to its natural indicators. This is when people are most likely to get injured.

2)     You will be more open to having fun and identifying activities you can sustain. This paves the way for a more meaningful relationship with your body. It also allows for long term success.  

3)     You will be training your mindset to associate exercise with struggle. What happens when the target weight is achieved? You won’t want to workout if the action is primarily associated with struggle and an uphill battle.  

Changing your focus can be hard if you feel you are in a constant struggle with your body. Recognizing that you want to change is critical. However, focusing on weight deters us from a holistic approach to fitness and healthy living. The focus should be on finding balance, learning to get in touch with your body, and make decisions aligned with healthy and vibrant living. Otherwise, lifestyle changes will never become integrated.

How should you construct goals if they aren’t centered around your weight? How can you shift to enjoy healthy living and fitness?

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Bo Shappell is the co-author of the newly released book, All In: The Mindset of Fitness. The ways we have been taught to approach fitness are backwards and counterproductive. All In: The Mindset of Fitness challenges conventional wisdom and coaches the reader through rethinking fitness. Learn how to foster lasting motivation and train your mindset for continual success.

Daniella Land