Fitness Mindset Training Course

Based off the book, All In: The Mindset of Fitness, this course coaches participates through identifying default motivators and training their mindset for sustained motivation and continual success. Self-assessments and Q&A sessions offer a customizable, hands-on, approach to mindset training and learning to live ALL IN.


Yoga Enrichment Services (YES!)

Want to offer a yoga and mindfulness program for your school or work environment? Or, do you want to learn how to incorporate yoga into your classroom? We will collaborate on creating a comprehensive program or seminar that fits your needs. Our programs are rooted in growth mindset and mindfulness research. They are also considerate of various cultural and body image nuances.  Say "YES" to yoga!

Self-Awareness Through Movement

Can movement foster social-emotional learning? Yes! In this seminar, you will explore ways to foster self-reflection, mindfulness, and body awareness through movement. This hands-on and interactive seminar will provide you with strategies to infuse into any class or work environment. 


The New Physical Education

Most people see the value in teaching competitive team sports but are missing the hidden potential of physical education.  Can PE really become the training ground for fostering self-awareness and social-emotional learning? Yes! In this hands-on workshop, teachers will learn how to balance their curriculum to impart students with the “All In” growth mindset, foster the mind-body connection, mindfulness, and encourage self-discovery through movement. 


Training for Personal Trainers

Want to infuse your client sessions with mindset training techniques? Our workshop teach trainers techniques for approaching the subject with their clients and assessing their current approach. It also offers strategies on how to coach clients in a positive direction to encourage sustained inspiration toward working out. 



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