Bo and Daniella have created a fun and informative read, which looks at fitness with a whole new mindset. It is perfect for anyone looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or even those looking for an invigorating perspective on exercise. This is a book that I would recommend to all of my patients!
— Brett Keller D.O., Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

I loved how easy this book was to read. It gave me a totally different aspect to being healthy and what I thought fitness meant. A life changing must read book!
— Barb, Amazon Review

How many times have you adopted a healthy lifestyle only to revert to old, bad habits and have to start all over again? This book explores what it takes to stop the on again/off again cycle to obtain optimum health.
— Theresa, Amazon Review

Very insightful and very well written guide to making healthy choices. Illustrates scenarios to which many of us can relate. This book offers innovative ways to reshape your thinking about exercise and health. A must read!!
— Julia, Amazon Review

What an eye opening book. I work out frequently but didn’t realize that I work out for a lot of the wrong reasons. After reading this I am going to focus more on my vitality and mindset. I plan on sharing the title of this book with many, but I am going to keep it for myself to reference from time to time if I need to refocus my mindset and mentality. I think all of us strive to live “All In” but don’t have the correct mindset. This book will help us all achieve our goal.
— Mac, Amazon Review

What a fantastic read! It’s not just about fitness, but it’s a whole life approach. Basically, it helps shift your perspective to a more internal, intrinsic motivation, rather than focusing on making to a end goal. It’s about learning to enjoy your body and your life. It was easy to read and had great examples and stories. I would recommend it to everyone!
— Sarah, Amazon Review